Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chapter Twenty Six: Is The Light Still At the End of the Tunnel?

Word Count: 45,023/50,000

My brain has become a mushy pile of overcooked spaghetti, dear Reader. I am so close to the finish line and yet I feel like it is so far away. Things that relate to my story are just becoming a blur. I can no longer tell if I am ahead or behind (I think I'm a little ahead...)

I find it odd that I am finding this part the hardest. I was definitely overtaken by the 30K Curse, which is an ailment that befalls those stomping through the wilderness of 30K- you feel like you're losing steam. But then I pulled out of 30K into 40 and... it got harder. I just have these huge chunks of writing that I like and I feel like I am just filling the spaces with piles of steaming crap.

But I did get an exciting offer to read my novel today from my friend Nicole (a.k.a Nim). It makes me a little nervous that someone will be reading this novel, so I made sure to ask her to wait until the end of December when at least I'll have the chance to read it over a bit. I really need to step away from this for a bit so I can absorb it fully when I return to it. I know there are details I've left out and I want to get them right. But the good thing is that she likes to edit, so I am sure I will get some good feedback.

(Wow, have you noticed how few contractions I used there? I am a true NaNoer now!)

I hope you all have a wonderful Turkey Day- I know I did! And now that I've reached my word goal for the day, I must go to bed. (I will NOT be waking up for Black Friday. There is nothing I need so much that I am willing to wake up before the sun to get it. If you are going, I wish you the best of luck!)

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