Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chapter Seven: In Which I Persevere

Yes, dear reader, the horrificness of hearing the IT girl say "I'm sorry, it says your document file is empty" shall not deter me from writing. I wrote a lot today in longhand, though I'm not sure how much because I kind of suck at counting. But I have a game plan, reader. I am going to continue writing from the point I left off. I remember much of what I wrote, so I am just going to sketch that out and hope I remember. I don't want to waste precious writing time rewriting what I've already done, especially since I do not have a computer in my room anymore (my laptop will be traveling around the state to various people in an attempt to fix it, so I am writing this from the school library, which has super-weird hours.)

But never fear... I shall persevere.

In the meantime- BACK UP YOUR FILES.

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