Monday, November 30, 2009

Chapter Thirty: A New Beginning?

At the end of tomorrow, I will lock my novel away for a month. In order to keep myself from taking it out of the drawer (because it doesn't really lock), I will be editing a fellow WriMo's novel and working on a few of my own projects.

The first project is the novel I began around September to keep myself from starting my NaNo novel early, entitled Q (or Quarantined... I haven't quite decided). It's about a fourteen year old girl, Eliza, who is afflicted with the Attentuate Virus, or AV. Only 24 people worldwide have ever been affected and no one has lived longer than three years with it in their system. Eliza was diagnosed at age twelve and as her fifteenth birthday approaches, Eliza can only hope that a cure will be discovered. On the eve of her fifteenth birthday, she is visited by Jonah, a seventeen yesar old high school drop-out who announces that a team of chemists (of which he is one) has found the cure to AV. Eliza is not sure whether to believe him or not, but she decides that between death and adventure, she chooses adventure. I've already got 25,000 words of it and I really like what I've got so far. I can't wait to get back to it.

The second project is a screenplay I started a few years ago, untitled as of now. It was inspired by a monologue I performed in a haunted lantern tour. My character was named Catherine, a woman of 80 years old who had had nothing to live for since she was about twenty, when her fiance was killed in a trolley accident. She ends up marrying a guy who's nice but not terribly interesting (or interested in her). I renamed the character Caroline in my screenplay and had lots of fun creating the characters of her fiance (who I eventually fell in love with) and her two best friends, Keladry and Minnie. I haven't touched this screenplay for a really long time because it's so sad and I just looked at it tonight for the first time in awhile. I really want to work on it again.

Now, I must ask you, Reader- are you interested in hearing about any of this? Or shall I close down this blog until next year's NaNo? I'll have a lot more to write about since I'm working on three projects as opposed to one.

And now, I must to homework!


  1. I say if you do decide to edit your NaNovel it would be logical and useful to keep track of your progress on this blog and work well as a very long epilogue to your month of writing. The boards have quieted considerably, so keeping a blog might help you through the lonely process of revising. (That's my theory and why I'm tracking my progress, anyway.)

    Only continue if you feel like it, of course, but I thought I should leave a note to let you know I just read through your archives and really enjoyed hearing about your NaNoWriMo 2009 experience. I need to go looking for other blogs I missed because I was too involved in my own word count; yours was awesome!

  2. Thanks! I think I will definitely keep this going. I figure I'll still have my other projects to write about in between now and the editing process, so there will be much to discuss!