Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chapter Four: Music to Write By

Word Count: 13,181/50,000

Hello, readers!

As you can see, I kind of slacked off today. Luckily, writing so much in the beginning gave me a little bit of a safety net for days like this. However, I hope I don't take another one of them, since it's amazing to watch how quickly your word count climbs when you write the suggested amount.

I'm also feeling a bit lazy blog-wise... I've got a million things to memorize and a scene to modernise. The life of a theatre major :p So I'm going to give you my Remembrance playlist (this was planned all along, I assure you, but it's also an easy out for tonight.) So here ya go.

From The Chronicles of Narnia: TLTWATW
Evacuating London
Lucy Meets Mr. Tumnus
The Stone Table

From A Beautiful Mind
Saying Goodbye to Those You So Love
Alicia Discovers Nash’s Dark Work

From Finding Neverland
Where is Mr. Barrie?

From Saving Sarah Cain
Sea Shells
Sarah’s Story
Those Were Our Tears
Don’t Leave Us

From Doubt

From The Edge of Love
Underground Shelter
Hang Out the Stars in Indiana
Fire to the Stars
Careless Talk
Home Movies
Under Fire

From Quills
The Last Story
The End: A New Manuscript

From Miss Potter
Beatrix Locks Herself Away

From Revolutionary Road
Hopeless Emptiness

From Once
Falling Slowly

From The Hours
The Poet Acts
“I’m Going to Make a Cake”

From The DaVinci Code
Chaveliers De Sangreal

From Kit Kittredge: An American Girl

You Made Me Love You (I Didn’t Want to Do It) –Henry James and his Orchestra
I’m Beginning to See the Light -Henry James and His Orchestra
Again –Doris Day
We’ll Meet Again -Graham BLVD

Thanks for reading and sorry for the cop-out. Now I'm off to do homework.

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