Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chapter Ten: In Which I Return

Word Count: 16,921/50,000

Reader! I've returned! And with a vengeance!

I am finally back on track in NaNo Land. Because of my setback, I'm a little behind on the word count goal for day 11 (tomorrow), but I am just grateful that I had so many safety words before I had my computer trouble. While I wrote longhand both days, it's hard to get a large word count working that way, especially when you're really bad at counting, like me. I am gaining confidence that my plot can actually last me to 50,000 words. Last year, there was no chance, but this year, I've not even gotten the beginning part done (along with some of the end), and I'm already as far as I am. Good signs!

So happiness abounds... and now I must sleep, as I have an early class and then dress rehearsal tomorrow.

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