Monday, November 16, 2009

Chapter Sixteen: Projects Past and Present

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I think it's safe to say that I've been a writer all my life. Obviously, I'm not talking about publishing anything here, but I remember writing as far back as age six or seven.

My Writing Through the Years (Shortened for the Sake of Brevity):

The Early Years
The first thing I remember writing is a play about ballerinas. As many young girls are, I was obessed with ballerinas, though I suspect I loved more the sparkly costumes and the shiny shoes. I forced my sister to be in it and we used our dolls to play the remaining characters.

Elementary School
I was very proud of my writing during these years; I was not the humblest of children. My school "published" a sort of literary magazine starting when I was in second grade and that really sparked something in me. I had a piece about a pet dinosaur in there in second grade and continued to submit things for the next two years until it was discontinued. In fourth grade, I was known as the best writer in the class and I prided myself on my long and descriptive stories.
I began a series in fourth grade, the first book running twenty pages and titled The Magic of Nature, about a girl who could talk to animals. I continued working on this series into sixth grade, my goal being to write at least one story about each girl featured in the first story. I did not accomplish this goal, but I did write quite a bit of a few of them.
In my fifth grade year, my class did a lot of writing and my favorite thing I wrote during that year was a story featuring the adventures of a cat and dog team. We also did this cool poetry program where at the end of the day once a week, we traveled around the upper grade wing (grades 3-5) and learned about different kinds of poetry. I really enjoyed it, and in fact, one of my poems was published for real in a national synchronized swimming magazine.

Middle School:
I continued writing in middle school. I got very into journaling, inspired by the Abby Hayes series. I wrote in my journal all the time. I continued to write plays until about sixth or seventh grade, but I soon began to feel that my ideas were dumb and stopped writing them. My confidence in my writing skills in general was very much diminished, especially when I was accepted into a very advanced communication arts program and found out that there were people better than me... much better than me. My stories, however, were still very much in progress. I wrote my first successful mystery short story in seventh grade and delved into the supernatural in eighth. I also wrote adaptations of a few books and movies I liked.

High School:
I don't remember doing too much creative writing in ninth grade, but I definitely returned to it the next year. I returned to scripts and also experimented with screenplays. In eleventh grade, I entered a screenplay into a state-wide writing contest and recieved an award for it. I composed a screenplay based off a period monologue I did in a show- it made me cry and was so sad that I still haven't finished it.
Starting in tenth grade, my friend Katie and I began writing a screenplay about a time-traveling reporter named Monica Crosse. While it started as a school project, we've continued it to this day; it is still being fine-tuned. I also wrote a screenplay based on Clue which my friends and I filmed.

I have worked on a lot of projects since I started college in August of 2008. I attempted NaNo last year, worked on a few short stories, and wrote even more during my English class second semester. I also completed a period screenplay in March that I had started in June of that year that was later titled Requited and which the same core team that worked on Clue is filming starting December of this year. To distract myself from writing Remembrance before I was allowed, I started another novel entitled Q about a girl who is broken out of a hospital to have her terminal illness cured. I am excited to return to that when Remembrance is sitting in a drawer in December, waiting for revision.

And now, time for bed!

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