Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chapter Five: You Know You're a NaNo-er When...

Word Count: 13,921/50,000

Dear readers, I have slacked again. But never fear- I have much more time tomorrow to write, and I'll need a distraction since I have school auditions at five pm. Most of my writing today was done while I was supposed to be stage managing at rehearsal... but since my assisant stage manager is on line duty, there's basically nothing for me to do except occasionally assure my semi-crazy director that he did indeed tell Amy to cross on that line. No, really, Steve... no, I'm not kidding.

Anyway. One of my favorite threads to date on the NaNoWriMo Headquarters forum is "You Know You're a NaNoer When..." These lists are always humorous (and true) to those who ARE those things, and this thread is no exception. For example:

-You find growls and other animalistic sounds to be your preferred way to communicate while writing. If that doesn't work, you throw your pencil at whoever is bothering you.

-You've failed, and failed, and failed...and still do NaNo again, and again, and again...

-Instead of tattoos, you have perpetual pen ink stains.

-You find yourself refusing to use contractions even in your everyday speech. (This is very true. I wrote a note to my roommate today and didn't use a contraction and I wanted to write, "Yes! Upping the wordcount!"... but she doesn't do NaNo, so she wouldn't get it.)

-You are subconciously aware of the wordcount of everything you write.

-Instead of asking "how are you", your co-workers have learnt to ask "What's your word count?"

-You're convinced your novel is crap and keep writing it anyway.

-You mention a character who uses a shovel to cut off victims' heads, and instead of edging away slowly, someone gives you a link for "the BEST SHOVEL EVER!"

-Your english class groans at the idea of writing a 1000-word essay. You laugh so hard you almost wet your pants.

-Your facebook status is updated with your current word count.

I would love to post more, but I've still got French homework to work on and an 8:30 class tomorrow morning (most of which I'll spend writing my novel, but hey, I still have to wake up.)

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