Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yesterday I had a meeting with my teacher about my adaptation, and it went amazingly well. Not only does is my professor encouraging me to continue with it, but she seems to really like the idea itself.

I also experienced a huge rush of relief when she said that she didn't think my play was for children- and it didn't have to be. First of all, this is incredibly generous of her, since I am doing this project for my Children's Theatre final; she has every right to force me to make it a kids' peice. I was also glad to hear this because it means I'm not just overestimating the level of emotions and the intensity of the experiences that are in my play. This is not to say that children don't experience these things as well- they certainly do- but the fact is that my play is not for kids. Perhaps ages thirteen and up, but definitely not the younger set.

The other great thing is that my professor knows that this isn't just a class project to me- it's an actual script that, one day, I hope to have produced. I feel like I have her support and that's just a great feeling :)

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