Saturday, August 7, 2010

Just Chatting

Today I went with most of the film crew I'm involved with to scout locations. When we finished with that, we went for bite to eat and ended up talking about writing, and, in particular, our novels. While I'm not going to outline our whole conversation, since it was a good two hours long, I will just say that having someone (or a few people) to talk to about this stuff is really nice. At the risk of sounding holier-than-thou, sometimes people who don't write, even just casually, don't understand what it means to be surprised by a character or the way a scene had to go. It was just really great to talk to people who are in the midst of doing the same thing.

Also, the one of them who is editing my novel right now is being really, REALLY thorough. As in, he edits a paragraph a night, is on page ten, and comment 40. While this is daunting, it's also good, for two reasons. The first is that I edit the exact same way. Well, I go much more quickly, because I like to get the flow of the story as I edit, but I am also usually up to comment 40 by page ten or so. It's good, too, for the reason that I need this. As my editor mentioned, my first editor did all the basic stuff, so now it's time for a more in-depth look at the story. I'm pretty sure his edits are going to kick my butt, and I'm positive it is going to be for the best. I'm equal parts nervous and excited.

And now I leave you with a picture I took with my new camera while we were location scouting:

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