Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WIP Wednesday

I'm doing what I've always read that I should do as a writer, but never actually did: I am setting aside a few hours out of each day to devote solely to writing. Right now, it's at three per day, and I've scheduled them outside of my normal writing hours (9 pm- 3 am) so hopefully I can get some product in the beginning of the day by force and then continue working on that product when my brain is actually working. The curse of being a night owl.

So anyway, what I'm working feverishly on right now is my Peter Pan Inspiration, so here's a scene from it. All you need to know if that this is a teenaged Mrs. Darling after she ran away from Neverland after she had a big fight with Peter.

(MARY is in her room when she hears a tap at the window. She drops what she’s doing, runs over to it, and throws it open. PETER flies through and lands on the toy chest.)

PETER. Found you!

MARY. Peter! What are you doing here?

PETER. Where have you been, Mary? The boys all miss you so. Our house is such a mess.
MARY. I came back, Peter.

PETER. Well why’d you do that? (He looks around) It’s so dreary here.

(MRS. LIDDELL approaches on the other side of the door but stops when she hears her daughter speaking, apparently to no one.)

MARY. I didn’t think I’d ever see you again…

PETER. Here I am! You must come back right now- the mermaids and the boys are having a swimming contest!

MARY. Do you forgive me then, Peter?

PETER. Forgive you? For what?

MARY. Well… I left Neverland.

PETER. Well, you did break the rules of hide and seek, but you’ve always been a good hider. Of course I forgive you. Now come on!

MARY. No, Peter. I left because you were angry with me and I said… some terrible things. I’m sorry for that. I was just homesick and upset. I didn’t mean them at all.

(MR. LIDDELL comes through the hallway and MRS. LIDDELL silently motions for him to join her.)

PETER. (hardly acknowledging her apology) It’s fine. Now, I’ll just sprinkle you with some fairy dust and we’ll be off. The boys will be so happy I’ve found you! (He grabs her hand, but MARY doesn’t move.) What’s wrong?

MARY. I can’t go, Peter.

PETER. Yes you can. Just move your feet, silly. (He pulls on her hand again, but still she doesn’t move. He thinks she’s playing a game.) Ma-ary!

MARY. Peter, you don’t understand. I can’t go. My parents were so angry when they saw I had left-

PETER. Parents don’t know what fun is.

MARY. But they know other things, like how to send me away if I don’t act like a young lady.

PETER. (alarmed) They’re sending you away?! Where?

MARY. They won’t if I act like I should. But that means I can’t go to Neverland again.

PETER. Ever?

MARY. That’s right.

PETER. I hate your parents.

MARY. Peter…

PETER. Don’t you?


PETER. I do. They’re mean and I hate them. I don’t want you to live with mean people. You need to come with me. Now.

MARY. (pained) I can’t…

PETER. Yes, you can.

MARY. (tearful) I don’t want them to send me away, Peter.

PETER. They can’t get you in Neverland! No grown-ups allowed! You’ll be safe!

MARY. I’m not going.

PETER. Yes you are.


PETER. (stomping his foot) Mary!

MARY. (turning away from him) You need to go now, Peter. I don’t want my parents to hear me talking to you.

PETER. I’m not leaving without you.

MARY. You’ll have to. (She walks over to the window and holds it open for him. They stare at each other for a long moment.) Good-bye, Peter.

PETER. You’re wrong, Mary. You should be coming with me. They won’t be nice to you here.

MARY. I’ll miss you.

(After another long moment, PETER takes his leave out the window. MARY watches him sadly, but then closes the window firmly, latches it shut, and pulls the curtains over it.

Out in the hallway, MR. and MRS. LIDDELL look at each other in alarm.)
Lights down.)

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