Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WIP Wednesday

All right, all right, I'm here :p Today I'm giving you a snippet of a play I'm working on, loosely titled Acceptance. Though I have a lot of random lines and moments and most of Act II planned, this is only the second scene I've written. So here goes:

(GWEN and PATRICK exit. AMY turns back to her work, leaving CORA to stand alone in the middle of the room. The silence stretches between them. )
CORA. So, Amy-Bear-
AMY. (sharp) No one calls me that anymore.
CORA. Oh… sorry, I didn’t know.
AMY. Of course you didn’t.
CORA. You look different than I remember.
AMY. Growing up will do that to a person.
CORA. (trying to ignore the sarcasm) You’re really pretty. I guess I’ve just always had the image of you as a little kid in my head. But I guess you’re not really a kid anymore, are you? (AMY makes a non-commital noise.) So how have things been going?
AMY. You mean, what have I been doing for the past seven years?
CORA. Sure.
AMY. Well, I’ve been testing out the only-child thing, since my older sister ditched me.
CORA. (stung) I didn’t ditch you, Amy.
AMY. You didn’t? What do you call walking out one day and never coming back? Thanks for all the postcards, by the way. Nothing like keeping your family in the loop.
CORA. I didn’t want you guys to worry.
AMY. You never told us where you were! One short note every year or two, sometimes unsigned. You could have been dead and we never would have known.
CORA. Come on, Amy-
AMY. No, you come on. When you first left, I ran to the mailbox everyday, hoping for something from my big sister. It didn’t take me long to realize that nothing was coming, that you had left us behind completely.
CORA. (dropping the forced cheer) Oh, please, Amy. Grow up. You were eleven when I left, not three. I thought you would understand that I was a little strapped for cash. There weren’t many money-making opportunities for me where I was.
AMY. You could have had those opportunities if you had stuck around and gone to college.
CORA. College isn’t everything, Amy. Maybe it seems like it right now, but it’s just four years; there are things that come afterwards, and I decided to jump right to that part.
AMY. You could have at least told Mom and Dad you were leaving.
CORA. Yeah, their reaction would have been great. I can just see it.
AMY. Well I had to really see it. They were frantic- they had no idea where you were. You couldn’t have left a note or something?
CORA. Amy-
AMY. You should have told them. Then maybe they could have talked you out of it.
CORA. Has it occurred to you that maybe I didn’t want to be talked out of it?
AMY. Then what did you want?
CORA. I- (she stops, unable to think of anything)
AMY. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Oh, and if you're wondering, that huge audition I didn't work on nearly enough? It actually went pretty well :) Now that that huge weight is off of my shoulders, I can return to my writing!

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