Friday, March 19, 2010

Things I'm Excited About

(A segment inspired by my friend Angela's blog, though I'm not doing exactly the same thing.)

1) Last night, I wrote a lot of The Other Side of Light (and by a lot, I mean around 2,750 words). I love that I love this story right now, and I need to take advantage of it before the "I have no idea what comes next" wave hits. So I was typing away until nearly two in the morning. I knew I had to get up at seven to film, but I couldn't stop writing. I love that.

2) I was so excited about the stuff that I wrote last night (as well as Hannah's encouraging comment on last night's entry- thanks, Hannah! (: ) that I wanted to share it right away. I know from experience, however, that what seems great at two in the morning through blurry contact lenses might not look so great in the light of day. So I didn't post it, and in the morning, I nervously opened the document and read over what I had composed early this morning. And... I still liked it. A lot. I changed a few things here and there, and there are a few important details I need to work out, but I still like what I did. I want to share it with all of you, but I think I'll save it for WIP Wednesday!

3) During the filming of the short today (which I wrote), my friend made a passing comment about how he loved my word choice in the piece. He was mostly referring to the directions I had written more than the lines, but it was still nice to hear this. I choose every word carefully, which is why I am so specific in memorizing others' words as an actor.

4) Sort of writing related is how much we filmed today. Ten hours' worth: the short and a teaser trailer for the mini-series. I was only in front of the camera for the former, but I was still crewing the latter, and WOW am I exhausted. But also very, very happy. (It is also easier to not feel guilty about spending all this time on these films lately because my mom LOVED our last one. When we were filming the one she loved, she was not a huge fan of Enscribe, for a few reasons. But, without any promoting from me, she found our latest project and let me know how much she loved it. It was gratifying and just plain awesome to have someone whose opinion I respect come to me and say she loved something I put a lot of work into.)

5) Though I'm NOT excited to get back to school and all the projects that are due the day I get back, I can't wait to get my NaNo novel revisions back. I'm nervous as well- I know there are a lot of improvements to be made- but I think my editing buddy will be open about what she likes as much as what she doesn't like, and I'm eager to hear both sides. I've been itching to get back to that story, but have held myself back to allow my mind to be fresh when I get the edits back. I can't wait to see that yellow parcel slip in my mailbox!

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  1. Your welcome. I really did love it--it was so intriguing and well done. I can't wait to read more. ;-)

    Sounds busy--but a lot of fun! :)

    Love & Blessings,