Friday, January 15, 2010

A Hello From the Theatre Festival!

I'm sitting in the library at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania while waiting to leave for a theatre talkback. This festival has been quite the experience, but on the most basic level, this college is HUGE. It's known to be quite large, but my school, despite the castle on campus, is extremely tiny, a fact I appreciate if I'm late for class.

I brought some of the most troublesome excerpts here with me, thinking I could work on them. Unfortunately, I have found it quite hard to work from just those snippets. I feel terrible because I told the NaNoers who are editing my novel that I'd have it to them, like, two weeks ago, and I still have a whole bunch of editing to do. However, I get back to school in about two days, so hopefully I'll be able to finish quickly once I'm back with my computer.

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